More than

driven piles 35 000 м3.

More than 150 000

running meters have been drilled.


Years in the construction market

Drilling crane machine BKM-2012 on a chassis of KAMAZ -65111


We carry out the following types of drilling under piles for natural and legal entities:

  • Drilling of warranty wells under blockage of piles, pile tongues for the device of the pile bases
  • Drilling for immersion of pipes, columns and tongues for strengthening of the bases and ditches
  • Works on well-drilling under bored piles.
  • Drilling for construction of communication lines and electricity transmissions, support of bridges, oil and gas pipelines and constructions of the bases in industrial and civil engineering.

LLC Mekhstroy leases the boring crane machine which is capable to drill diameter from 350 mm. up to 1200 mm., up to 20 meters in depth with broadening to 3600 mm.

The boring and crane BKM-2012 car drills in hard-to-reach spots.

Technical features

Name of indicators BKM-2012
Maximum depth of drilling, m 20
Maximum diameter of drilling, mm of 1200
Basic KAMAZ-65111-42,-65111-46 car
The maximum torque on the boring tool, N • m 60000