More than

driven piles 35 000 м3.

More than 150 000

running meters have been drilled.


Years in the construction market

Driving of reinforced concrete piles

Quite often soil unsuitability for erecting of foundation is the main problem in the process of construction. This problem either may be of a natural character, or may be a consequence of mistakes by previous developers. In such cases, piles are used to strengthen the foundation. Pile installation takes a small amount of time, whereas benefit of piles is enormous. Due to their length, weight of the foundation rests on the bottom layer of soil, which is characterized by stiffness. Thus, we can construct buildings on places where others could not do it.

Piles driving technology is applicable practically for any kind of soil. It contributes to strengthening of the foundation, and you cannot doubt that your building will stay longer than usual.

At the present time, the reinforced concrete piles are most commonly used type of pipes This is not surprising, since they are characterized by high durability, fire- and water resistance, thanks to what they have received such popularity. The process of reinforced concrete piles driving is fast and inexpensive; moreover, such piles offer the convenience in transportation and storing.

In order to avoid disappointments in piling it is necessary to address true professionals of their craft. LLC “Mekhstroy” treats its business with appropriate quality and has all necessary minimum to start working in the nearest time.