More than

driven piles 35 000 м3.

More than 150 000

running meters have been drilled.


Years in the construction market

Truck crane (all-terrain vehicle) KC-55713-5B


When working we use only the checked equipment which will provide qualitative result.

Why KC-55713-5B?

  • The KC-55713-5B crane with a loading capacity of 25 tons is mounted on cross-country chassis of the KAMAZ-43118 cars thanks to what the universality and convenience is provided during the work in any conditions. The chassis has excellent maneuverability, and ease of management.
  • The four-section telescopic arrow is made of high-strength steel, and sections — of two bent all-metal profiles. All this allowed to lower considerably, having raised its strength and cargo high-rise indicators.
  • At the expense of the big size of a basic contour (4,9×5,8!!!) the crane can perform works with loads in a circular zone of 360 degrees that allows to minimize the number of shifts during the work on an object.
  • Reducers of mechanisms of lifting of loads and turn of the crane of planetary type with disk brakes. It helps to increase their efficiency and duration of work.
  • The crane is equipped with overload protection and capsizing and also the system of the coordinate protection necessary for work in the constrained conditions. Has the built-in blocks of telemetric memory (“a black box”) and the module of protection of the crane against the hazardous voltage (MZON) for work near power lines.