More than

driven piles 35 000 м3.

More than 150 000

running meters have been drilled.


Years in the construction market

Pile driving rig based on tracked crane MGK-25BR

In our arsenal, we have pile-driving rigs based on tracked crane MGK-25BR that easily cope with the following functions:

  • MKG-25BR quickly adapts to the environment. MKG-25BR can turn on the curve of any radius, it is powered by the external power supply network, and its diesel generating set can be used even as an additional source of the electric power.
  • The tracked crane MKG-25BR with the individual electric drive of mechanisms is mounted on the special undercarriage.

Attachments of pile-driver on the base of MKG — 25BR:

  • Rod-type diesel hammer, striking part of hammer 4,5 tons.
  • Tubular diesel hammer of striking part 2,5, 3,5 of tons.
  • The drilling rig is installed instead of the diesel hammer.
  • Mast 26 meters high.