More than

driven piles 35 000 м3.

More than 150 000

running meters have been drilled.


Years in the construction market

Installation of bored piles

Bored piles form the basis of deep foundation of multistorey buildings. They are cylindrical reinforced concrete structures that are filled in directly on the site in drilled holes. Thanks to this method it is possible to build foundation in any environmental conditions.

Pile-holes are drilled according to the project sketch and only in strictly allocated places. Therefore only professionals can perform this work.

The following technological operations are carried out for piles installation:

  • Hole drilling.
  • Hole cleaning from loose earth.
  • Embedment of reinforcement and its fastening.
  • Concrete casting.

The equipment for bored piles – machines with drilling and load-lifting equipment, determines speed of construction, quality of works and piles. About ten technologies of drilling and concrete filling are used in construction.